An unauthorized game gets goofy

By Noah Robischon
Updated October 29, 1999 at 04:00 AM EDT

You’ve wasted all the gang lords in Kingpin — where ya gonna go next? How about blowing away rabid Michael Eisner clones at a virtual Disney World? Los Disneys, an unauthorized and scabrously amoral Mac game available for download at, is hard to ignore: a first-person shooter in which players waste Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, killer clowns, and assorted tourists in a quest to vanquish a cryogenically frozen Walt Disney in the year 2015.

Rochester, N.Y.-based creator (and struggling filmmaker) Jason Kristopher Huddy, 23, defends Los Disneys as the big-budget movie he’ll probably never get to make. Certainly not at Disney, which is threatening to take Huddy to court. ”For several weeks we talked but were unable to come to a mutually agreeable decision,” says a Disney spokeswoman, who won’t say how soon the company intends to file a suit. Los Disneys has been on the Net long enough, however, that eradicating it could be as difficult as completing the game’s final level — in which the player learns that he’s been working for the power-hungry Eisner all along.

Huddy, meanwhile, has two short films on the festival circuit, and he’s working on a new concept he hopes to sell to a game developer. And there’s another idea he calls Jonesboro 2.0. ”[It’s] really tasteless, but I think there’s a market for it,” he says jokingly. Future vidgame CEO or Senate subcommittee witness? You decide — and try to do it before the end of Youth Violence Prevention Week.