Club feat

Brad Pitt didn’t merely get a reported $20 million for appearing in Fight Club. He also got a free plug. In a scene midway through the new film, a theater marquee appears in the background touting Pitt’s Seven Years in Tibet, now on video. ”I just slid it in,” smiles Club director David Fincher. The inside joke didn’t stop with Pitt, however. Turns out the scene — which features Edward Norton chasing a bus — was meant to contain marquees trumpeting costar Helena Bonham Carter’s The Wings of the Dove and Norton’s The People vs. Larry Flynt. Says Fincher, ”Unfortunately, the bus blocks the other marquees.” Let’s hope the slight doesn’t start a fistfight.

Holy Moses!

Maybe he’s going through a spiritual crisis. Or maybe he’s on the lookout for a nice Jewish girl. Whatever the reason, newly single Michael Jackson attended service at Manhattan’s Carlebach Synagogue Oct. 1. Arriving unannounced, and tastefully dressed in a black fedora, red shirt, and pink and green iridescent tie, Jackson was the guest of psychic Uri Geller, whom the singer had enlisted to bestow ”positive vibrations” on an upcoming album. The former Jehovah’s Witness clapped his hands and swayed to the music, while youngsters snuck over to confirm that it really was the King of Pop. Jackson — who’s had a tense history with the Jewish people (he was blasted for using the lyric ”kike” in his 1995 song ”They Don’t Care About Us”) — isn’t necessarily going to be joining the faith. ”He’s not thinking of converting,” says Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, the author of the best-selling Kosher Sex, who knows Jackson through Geller. ”He’s just open to Jewish teachings and wisdom.” Oy.

Hip Replacement

Earlier this month, ABC started airing 20/20 Downtown, an edgier version of the venerable newsmagazine. It’s such a good idea, here are some other street-smart spin-offs we’d like to see:

Wheel of Fortune Donwtown Complete this phrase: Bl-ck T-r Heroin.

Kids Say The Darndest Things Downtown ”For Christmas, I want a pony. And a nipple piercing.”

Touched By An Angel Downtown Tess and Monica buy Harleys, become Hell’s Angels.

Downtown Downtown MTV’s animated show becomes so hip, it implodes.

Fight Club

  • Movie
  • R
  • 139 minutes
  • David Fincher