The singer is in talks with MTV Films, which is updating the classic
Britney Spears
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Alice in Wonderland (Book - Lewis Carroll)

MTV Films wants to send a diva down a rabbit hole for ”Alice,” a Y2K update of Lewis Carroll’s ”Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.” The story line for the live-action musical calls for a young singer to be walking through a modern metropolis, only to get hit by a VW Rabbit. ”After that, it’s chaos,” says screenwriter Sarah Thorpe. ”She’s in the midst of a rock & roll, hip-hop musical that’s far from anything Lewis Carroll imagined.”

An early draft has the Mad Hatter as a talent scout, the Queen of Hearts as the Queen of Pop, the tea party as a rap concert, and the Caterpillar as a stoner. ”It has room for incredible cameos,” Thorpe says. ”Ricky Martin could be the Mad Hatter. Britney Spears could certainly play Alice.” Spears’ agent confirms, ”She is considering the script but hasn’t committed to it yet.”

Alice in Wonderland (Book - Lewis Carroll)
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