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RIGHTEOUS ANGER It took longer than expected for Monica Lewinsky‘s family to snap, but it finally happened. After a character in ”Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” recently referred to oral sex as ”getting a Lewinsky,” Monica’s dad Bernard sent a letter to NBC demanding an apology and a promise that this reference wouldn’t be heard again. ”The point behind my outrage is that there is a family behind this name,” Dr. Lewinsky told Variety. ”And I think it’s disgusting they would even consider saying something like that.” ”L&O” creator Dick Wolf had no comment, but unfortunately, Monica’s dad has only created confusion about the catchphrase: Now no one will know if ”getting a Lewinsky” means receiving oral sex, or receiving a lot of publicity for a clichéd joke that otherwise would have been ignored.

GONE ANIMATED It’s two, two, two premieres in one! Korn will be debuting their new single, ”Falling Away From Me,” on the season premiere of ”South Park”. In the Oct. 27 Halloween episode, the band members will also have speaking parts, appearing as cartoon versions of themselves.

HITCHED? The Vermont Supreme Court is considering legalizing same-sex marriages, and if it does, Ellen DeGeneres and Anne Heche will be one of the first couples down the aisle. ”There is no one who is keeping their fingers crossed more than us,” Heche told a University of Vermont crowd Sunday to kick off Coming Out Week. ”We’d love to celebrate that with you.” Of course, by ”with you” she means that if the wedding went off, the UVM students would be working as caterers and would be forbidden to talk to the celebrity guests, but it sure would be cocelebratory in spirit.

CYBERSITCOM Is one media not enough for you to enjoy your TV watching? Well, portions of a Nov. 17 episode of the ”Drew Carey Show” will be simulcast online, so you’ll have twice the technology, twice the laughs, and you’ll burn twice the calories screaming at your modem when it cuts out. In the episode, Drew will be recorded by a 24-hour webcam when he’s recruited to be a salesman in his store’s new online store. Cyberkookiness will ensue when the scenes where Carey is captured by the webcam are cybercast through and

ON TOUR With a combined age of 222 years, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young will be heading out on tour together for the first time since 1974. The tour, which will start in January in Detroit, was spurred by the release of the band’s first album since 1988, ”Looking Forward,” which will be in stores on Oct. 26. ”I think we’ve learned to be better with each other,” David Crosby told Reuters of the band known for its squabbles. ”We listen to each other more. We’re more patient with each other, maybe that just comes with age.”

FREE… WITH A CATCH Michael Crichton is offering up the movie rights to his new novel, ”Timeline,” in which teenagers travel back to the 14th century, for no money at all. But it sure ain’t all for charity. He’ll only give this ”freebie” to a studio that promises him the following, according to Variety: The movie has to go into production by next summer; the first draft of the screenplay must be written by Crichton; he will serve as one of three producers (along with attached director Richard Donner and Crichton’s agent) who will split a $3 million fee; and he will get 15 percent of the first-dollar gross, with a maximum take of $15 million. Watch out kids: If you’re trick-or-treating at Crichton’s house this year and he tries to put money in your UNICEF box, there may be strings attached.

CASTING James Woods will star in the true-life Showtime TV movie ”Dirty Pictures,” the story of the 1990 obscenity trial over the Cincinnati museum that exhibited Robert Mapplethorpe’s photos…. Eddie Griffin (”Malcolm and Eddie”) will take the lead in ”Holmes,” playing a street-smart American private eye working in Britain. Hey, that fish is out of water!

RECUPERATING Tim Allen had to back out of a car race on Friday, but it wasn’t because he was chicken. While in his Mustang waiting for the race to start at the Laguna Seca Raceway in Monterey, Calif., Allen began complaining about a severe stomachache, and he was brought to the hospital where he had to undergo an emergency appendectomy. The comic is now recovering nicely.

BACK IN THE KITCHEN Emeril, Schmemeril: Julia Child is coming back to show those TV Food Network upstarts how it’s done with a new public-television series, ”Julia & Jacques: Cooking at Home,” in which she’ll team with chef Jacques Pepin. It’s the 87-year-old cook’s ninth television series, and what with new spatula technology, it could be her best yet.

COURT REPORT Tommy Lee finally returned to North Carolina to turn himself in for a 1997 warrant charging him with trying to incite a racially motivated riot, according to the Associated Press. At a Greensboro Motley Crue concert two years ago, he and Nikki Sixx (who was arrested for the incident last month) allegedly made a racial remark toward a black guard, poured a drink on his head, and encouraged the crowd to attack him. Lee was released on a $5,000 bond, and he and Sixx are facing a civil trial against the guard in November.

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