Fans side with Duchovny and talk up Ginger Spice

By EW Staff
Updated September 24, 1999 at 04:00 AM EDT

After reading our exclusive interview, David Duchovny fans told us they’re rooting for the X-Files star in his lawsuit against Fox. But not everyone judged our summer-season wrap-up (#501, Sept. 3, 1999) a winner. Girl Power enthusiasts found our pan of Ginger Spice’s Schizophonic, well, downright unsavory. ”’Mi Chico Latino’ is very popular in the U.K.,” writes Janet Uhal of Winfield, Ill., ”and made the top 10 there.” Back here, Elizabeth Wilson of San Diego wins the award as most astute EW reader, pointing out that while we now foresee young Haley Joel Osment getting an Oscar nod, back in 1995, when he was on The Jeff Foxworthy Show, we stated, ”You might be a redneck if you think this brat’s a good actor.” So much for our sixth sense.

Winning streak

I found most of your summer winners-and-losers recap to be right on the money except for including South Park as a winner (”Summer Shock”). More people went to Inspector Gadget, Deep Blue Sea, and The Haunting, yet they’re not considered winners. South Park dropped quickly out of the top-20-grossing movies, and the TV show’s ratings have also fallen. It appears that someone at EW is getting away with hyping a personal favorite without the numbers to back it up. Ric Martel, Chicago

I can just imagine the next variation on The Simpsons’ opening theme: EW standing in front of the chalkboard, scratching, ”I will not write ‘Jar Jar sucks’ in every issue. I will not write ‘Jar Jar sucks’ in every issue. I will not write…” Kimberely Diehl, Tujunga, Calif.

What about Universal Studios, as one of the summer’s big winners? They have had The Mummy, Notting Hill, American Pie, Bowfinger, and have opened a new theme park, Islands of Adventure. Sure, Universal had Mystery Men, but no one is perfect after all. Phillip Mollica, North Vancouver, British Columbia

I cannot believe you would pick the Gap’s ”Everybody in Vests” as Best TV Ad. That’s all we need: dead-eyed, heroin-chic-looking people on TV telling me to buy a vest to be like them. I suppose you also like that annoying little girl on the Pepsi commercials…. Eric Haugen;; Fargo, N.D.

‘X’-acting his reward

As a hardcore fan of The X-Files, I am not sure what to think of the latest David Duchovny controversy (”It’s Fox vs. Fox”). I understand how it may seem like a Fox/Carter conspiracy against him, but isn’t it Fox and Carter’s show? I have a feeling that all this has to do with Mr. Duchovny’s uncertain future once the show gets off the air. Forget ”The truth is out there,” David; better make that ”The money is out there!” Alma Hernandez;; Columbus, Ohio

You will doubtlessly receive countless letters on David Duchovny’s suit against Twentieth Century Fox, bemoaning his greed and lack of appreciation for the show that earned him his fame. But as a devoted fan, any news that results in his face gracing the pages of your magazine is all right by me. Here’s to many more suits in the future. Carly Taradash; Cambria, California

Cold Warriors

May the Norse be with you for your glowing and perceptive review of The 13th Warrior (”Clang’s All Here”). It was both beautiful and brutal, and since I have a tendency to like movies no one else does (yes, I’m the one who liked The Postman) I feared for its future. The characters became people I really didn’t want to see eaten, and the score was big, melodic, and fitting for an action epic. Jan Macrael;; Cottonwood, Ariz.

I see roughly 200 films a year, so I know what I’m talking about when I say that your review of The 13th Warrior is as skewed as it can be. ”Terrifying enemy troops”? Darth Maul wannabes on horseback. ”Wildly creative adventure thriller”? If your idea of creativity is unintelligible dialogue with no subtitles, adventure means one long bloody chase, and you thrill to the sight of hacked-off body parts. Flowing manes, chiseled cheekbones, and big furs make for a very pretty look. But stilted scripting, a plotless story, and relentlessly spurting arteries make for an ugly film. Antonio Banderas owes you a box of chocolates. Jeanne Aufmuth; Palo Alto, Calif.

Country-fried chicks

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the article about the Dixie Chicks (”Whistlin’ Dixies”). It’s nice to read about country artists somewhere other than in country magazines. Mary J. Byrne; Marlborough, Mass.

Hit or miss

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