You won't find much about TV's upcoming season on the networks' sites. Instead, try fan pages for dish on the shows and stars.

By Gillian Flynn
September 24, 1999 at 04:00 AM EDT

Admittedly, the teaser for the Gina Gershon Mam-Cams on ABC’s website was intriguing — until it proved to be a video clip in which the word breasts is mentioned. As for NBC, the home page for its much-anticipated Law & Order spin-off barely mentions the cast. Fact is, when it comes to the Net, TV studios are seasons behind. If you really want the story on the new stars of the new shows this fall, head to fan pages like the four stellar examples below. Even if you don’t get all the skinny, they’re a lot less fatuous — and much more enthusiastic — than the corporate alternative.

Gina Gershon: An unofficial tribute

( Paris/LeftBank/7614/gershon) Sure sign you’re outrageously in: You have an online fan base with a clever thematic name, in this case the Boundies (after the star’s 1996 lesbian crime cult flick). Webmaster Liz Holland and friends track Gershon’s talk-show appearances and interviews, post bons mots plucked from her much-gushed-about lips, and provide links to info on her upcoming ABC detective show, Snoops. Random Info: Gina listens to Elvis Costello, likes bagels, and looks lovely in a catsuit. A

Angel: The website

( Greg Sawyer’s acclaimed Scream site makes room for the breathlessly awaited Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off, Angel. As such, there’s gossip about star David Boreanaz, an alleged scrap from the WB pilot script, and a handy break-down of Buffy characters and their relationship to Angel. Random Info: David plays the harmonica. His dad is a Philadelphia TV weatherman. A

Alfabit’s Jamie Luner website

( dex3.html) Okay, NBC’s Profiler isn’t brand-new, but it has a brand-new star: Melrose Place boy hopper Jamie Luner. Joe Indelicato posted the news early on at his St. Louis-based site, in addition to Luner’s credits (remember Just the Ten of Us?), a photo gallery — and an inexplicable, endlessly looping MIDI of Seal’s ”Kiss From a Rose.” Random Info: The actress recorded an unreleased single; Indelicato is launching a campaign to get it into fans’ hands. B

Christopher Meloni unofficial home page

( You pitied him as Julia Roberts’ fickled fiance in Runaway Bride. You love-hate him as inmate Keller on Oz. You’ll find him, ah, arresting on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. On a site Canadian Brian Rodgers hopes will soon have the actor’s official blessing, you get bio, photos — and a ”Words From Chris” section waiting for some words from Chris. Random Info: He’s from D.C., he’s 1.83 meters tall, and, the bulletin boards here say, he should be the next Indiana Jones. Oh, and reading too much Oz fan fiction makes you feel kind of funny. B+