TV characters are coming to theaters

By Will Lee
September 17, 1999 at 04:00 AM EDT

Charlie and his feather-haired trinity aren’t the only TV relics headed for a celluloid makeover. Seems Hollywood is working on everything but My Mother the Car: The Motion Picture. Next summer will see the big-screen treatment of Rocky and Bullwinkle (starring Jason Alexander as Boris, Rene Russo as Natasha, and Robert De Niro as Fearless Leader). Peering further into the crystal ball, the long-delayed rebottling of I Dream of Jeannie is, promises producer Sid Ganis, ”right on track,” possibly for 2001 release. Lisa Kudrow has been mentioned as heir to Barbara Eden’s harem pants. Meanwhile, Nicolas Cage is attached to star in and produce The Courtship of Eddie’s Father, the 1969-72 Bill Bixby single-dad sitcom. And speaking of ’60s bachelors, a Family Affair flick is in development by veteran producers Sid and Marty Krofft. There’s also a Starsky and Hutch project, with screenwriter Akiva Goldsman (Batman Forever) set to produce. And that’s not to mention movie versions of Hawaii Five-0, Hogan’s Heroes, The Six Million Dollar Man, and Get Smart, all of which are in development. Why all the small-screen plundering? ”There’s a high degree of recognition,” says Marty Krofft. ”And frankly, those so-called creative geniuses are running out of ideas.”