Battle of the game bands

By Noah Robischon
September 17, 1999 at 04:00 AM EDT

Since a videogame’s soundtrack has become as important as its graphics, game makers often go head-to-head for bragging rights over who snagged the biggest stars. This fall’s competition is fierce. Here’s how the new titles match up:

WIPEOUT 3 vs. ROAD RASH: UNCHAINED Since 1995, Chemical Brothers singles have provided background for Wipeout‘s futuristic racing games, the newest of which also includes five new mixes by DJ Sasha. In 1996, Soundgarden were among the rockers on the first Road Rash smash-’em-up game; producers conducted a worldwide band search for the latest version.
WINNER Wipeout, for spotting success early on and sticking with it.

WU-TANG: SHAOLIN STYLE vs. OMIKRON: THE NOMAD SOUL The kung-fu game Style stars Wu-Tang members and includes the only non-solo tracks released by the group this year. David Bowie plays a part in the parallel-dimension adventure PC game Omikron, and scored the music.
WINNER Shaolin Style, because hip-hop improves our karate chops.

TONY HAWK’s PRO SKATER vs. THRASHER: SKATE AND DESTROY Skateboarders playing Pro Skater will be rocking out to Primus and other punk bands, while the Thrasher set maneuvers to 20 years of hip-hop hits, starting with the Sugarhill Gang.
WINNER Thrasher. What could beat ”Rapper’s Delight”?