September 17, 1999 at 04:00 AM EDT


This gabfest from Robert Meyrowitz, the brains behind The King Biscuit Flour Hour, bills itself as ”the most outrageous talk on the Internet.” Theory being the hosts — gossip-mongers like Richard Johnson and Chauncé Hayden — will exploit the Web’s regulation-free format and bust wide the world of pop culture. Theory being wrong. There’s discussion of whether Ricky Martin is gay. And the love between Camilla and Charles. And whatever the name is of that movie with Glenn Close and one of those brothers and the typewriter (Jagged Edge!). It’s just not that compelling. Yet. The site encourages readers to e-mail the hosts, which may turn into some interesting scoops. Emphasis on may: The most interesting interaction of late came from a woman who revealed that she is aroused by … deviled eggs. Out-raaa-geous!

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