By Owen Gleiberman
September 17, 1999 at 04:00 AM EDT

This inept low-budget thriller about a double cross gone wrong never musters the cleverness to let us imagine what the plan might have looked like had it actually gone right. The movie starts off with a couple of callow twentysomethings (Alessandro Nivola and Josh Brolin) getting sloshed in a bar. A young-looking vixen (Reese Witherspoon) wanders in, goes home with the more annoying of the two, and lures him into trouble. But it’s all a big scam, one that seems to have been engineered mostly so the film can serve up a tepid whiff of exploitation (Reese Witherspoon as jailbait! Gagged and bound!) amid its slipshod attempts at intrigue. The title pun — yes, it means exactly what you think — is a fair indication of the movie’s puerile deviousness. F

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