Readers respond to "Mickey Blue Eyes," 98 Degrees, and Christopher Meloni

By EW Staff
Updated September 10, 1999 at 04:00 AM EDT

Hugh Really Mean It?

Your cover and accompanying article on Mickey Blue Eyes star Hugh Grant was a welcome sight. With the success of Notting Hill, now over $100 million, it’s nice to see Hugh Grant back! His acting talent is really stupendous and his ability to make us laugh is but one of his many gifts.

The Ratings Game

Although the text of your MPAA article was mostly objective, the title of your story (”NC-17 Gets an F”) leads one to believe that the NC-17 rating is the problem that limits the creativity of film directors. The NC-17 is not the culprit. The distributors and ”mall landlords,” as [director David] Cronenberg refers to them, are where the battle lies.
Charlotte, N.C.

As a parent, I’m appalled that the MPAA puritans had to alter the orgy scene in Eyes Wide Shut. I, for one, don’t want my children learning the values of a nation that forced the modification of a dead director’s last work because Big Brother thought that we couldn’t handle sex. Last I heard, the kids at Littleton are dead from gunshot wounds, not orgy trauma. Gang rape (The Accused) gets an R, but the MPAA gets nervous over a bunch of people having sex and threatens an NC-17? What’s wrong with these guys?
San Jose, Calif.

As a mother, I applaud MPAA president Jack Valenti’s stand on the ratings issue. I agree with him wholeheartedly when he says he doesn’t ”understand why a bunch of critics are so certain that an orgy is something the rest of America would find casual.” I wouldn’t want any teen of mine watching an orgy on the big screen. I have enough to worry about.
Fort Wayne, Ind.

98 Disagrees

I found your article (”Heat Seekers”) glorifying 98[Degrees]’s rise in popularity with prepubescent girls highly entertaining. I couldn’t stop chuckling. Another superficial, talentless boy band from the same assembly line that has produced fluff acts like Britney Spears and ‘N Sync. Rest assured, 98[Degrees]’s 15-minutes-of-fame clock is at 14:59 and counting.

Thank you, EW, for recognizing 98[Degrees]. It’s refreshing to hear about a group of Midwest guys who are heating up the music world. While the band is very successful, reading about how they’ve struggled with their musical identity has showed me perseverance. I support 98[Degrees] 100 percent in how they’ve managed to stay themselves.
La Crosse, Wis.

Meloni Mashers

Thanks for the informative feature on actor Christopher Meloni (”Runaway Success”). Those of us who have been following his career since 1990’s The Fanelli Boys are excited that this talented and underheralded actor is finally coming into his own. In fact, we’re eager to see the day when EW deems it necessary to do a six-page color spread on his career and reduce the likes of Hugh Grant to a two-page black-and-white feature.
Charlotte, N.C.

As an Oz fan, I was thrilled by your interview with Chris Meloni, who plays Keller. He makes a great show like Oz even better, and I can’t wait to see him in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Of course, the fact that he’s hot doesn’t hurt. Dharma and Greg? Mulder and Scully? Chandler and Monica? Puh-leez! Oz‘s Beecher and Keller are the real couple of the year. I’m a sucker for a great love story, especially such a groundbreaking one.
Newport News, Va.