Manhattan's Upper West Side may never be the same

Want a New York City street named after you? Well, you can become an explorer (Columbus Ave.), a president (Madison Ave.), or… a teenybopper sensation (‘N Sync Ave.). As part of a promotion for its 1999 Video Music Awards, airing Sept. 9, MTV has persuaded the city of New York to temporarily rename 19 midtown streets after nominees like Kid Rock and Ricky Martin. (The network paid less than $6,000 for the privilege.) Which makes us wonder:

Can you mail a letter to Busta Rhymes Blvd.? As Elvis would say, it’d be returned to sender. The post office wasn’t notified of MTV’s gimmick.

The band Orgy was nominated as Best New Artist — where’s Orgy Alley? Sadly, nowhere. Only the highest-profile of the nominees got a street.

Is there a plastic surgeon on Britney Spears St.? Nope. But Limp Bizkit Boulevard does have a bagel stand. And you can buy M&M’s on Eminem Ave.