He tells EW why he wants the network to pay for lost ''X-Files'' profits
David Duchovny
Credit: Russell Einhorn/Star Max

After battling conspiracies as FBI Agent Fox Mulder on ”The X-Files,” David Duchovny is fighting what he sees as a real-life conspiracy to keep money he earned on the show out of his pocket.

In his first interview since filing a suit against Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp. (which produces ”X-Files” for the sibling network Fox), Duchovny claims that the company cheated him out of millions from the show’s profits. His suit also alleges that ”X-Files” creator Chris Carter (who is not a defendant in the suit) conspired with Fox to keep silent about the studio’s reduction of Duchovny’s depleted profit sharing. ”I’m not looking to win the lottery,” Duchovny says, in the Sep. 3 issue of Entertainment Weekly. ”I’ve fulfilled my contract and I want them to fulfill theirs.”

Duchovny’s complex suit alleges that he’s a victim of corporate synergy. He charges that Fox Film Corp. intentionally undersold ”X-Files” reruns and show rights to its own subsidiaries such as the cable network FX and book publisher Harper Collins. In doing so, the suit says, the company was able to boost its own bottom line at the expense of Duchovny’s cut as a profit participant. Carter, Duchovny’s legal team says, received in excess of $30 million and a new series as compensation for the potential money lost from Fox’s self-dealing which also reduced the actor’s own cut.

In response to the suit, a Fox spokesperson says, ”We have nothing but respect and appreciation for David… To see that he’s apparently being led by his own advisers into believing that Fox acted inappropriately in its exploitation of the show is saddening.”

Duchovny says that this will without question be his last season on ”The X-Files.” He claims, however, that his legal battle has nothing to do with that decision: ”As much as I love the show, I think for me this will be the end. I always thought five years was enough. Seven years is definitely enough.”

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