Plus, Oliver Stone will get drug treatment, and ''Titanic'' is back in the record books

AILING A representative for ”Blue Streak” star Martin Lawrence has revealed that the actor is in critical condition in an L.A. area hospital, having recently emerged from a three-day coma. The comedian collapsed while jogging on Sunday. Lawrence, in an attempt to lose weight for an upcoming movie role, had put on several layers of clothing to ”sweat off” the pounds and subsequently suffered heat stroke. When he arrived at the Los Robles Medical Center in Thousand Oaks, Calif., Lawrence clocked in with a 107 degree body temperature.

COURT REPORT Oliver Stone will enter a drug-treatment program as part of a plea bargain for his June 9 arrest in Beverly Hills, when drugs were found in his car after he was pulled over for allegedly driving erratically. Since Stone is agreeing to seek help, prosecutors are likely to drop the possession charges, although the director still faces two misdemeanor charges for DUI, according to Reuters. Stone will officially enter his plea and receive his sentence at a hearing on Sep. 13. Perhaps his next movie will explain the conspiracy behind the entire incident.

LAWSUIT Don Henley is suing Paramount Pictures, claiming that it reneged on a deal to pay him $1 million (and $25,000 in studio costs) to record a song for the studio’s upcoming Ashley Judd/Tommy Lee Jones film ”Double Jeopardy.” According to Variety, Henley maintains that he struck up an oral agreement with a Paramount executive in July for the tune, which was also to appear on the ex-Eagle’s next solo record. However, he says that after he wrote the ballad ”Taking You Home,” the studio opted to go with a different song and maintained that its deal with Henley wasn’t final. The singer’s lawsuit claims, ”Paramount is trying to avoid its obligations under the agreement because Paramount’s marketing department changed the marketing plans for the movie, deciding to try to sell it as an action/adventure movie, rather than a ‘relationship’ movie, so that a ballad was no longer appropriate as a focus for the marketing.” Despite Henley’s verbiage, a Paramount rep had no comment.

THE ‘BERG IS BACK Nostalgic for the days when ”Titanic” would set a new record daily? Well, the iceberg salad days are here again, with the DVD version becoming the first movie in that format to ship more than 1 million copies to stores.

ON THE ROAD The lineup for this year’s Family Values tour is set, with Limp Bizkit, DMX, Method Man and Crystal Method heading the list of performers. The tour kicks off on Sep. 21 in Pittsburgh and lasts through Oct. 31.

EMCEEING Jenna Elfman (”Dharma and Greg”) and David Hyde Pierce (”Frasier”) — both of whom are Emmy nominees — will cohost this year’s Emmys on Sep. 12. Pierce has won Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for the last two years, so he has just the right statue-handling skills for the job.

CASTING Janine Turner has signed to her first TV series since ”Northern Exposure” went south in 1995. She’ll play a financial exec in the HBO corporate comedy series ”Lloyd, What Happened?” developed by Harold Ramis (”Analyze This”)…. Plucky skater Tara Lipinski has moved into acting, taking a role as a plucky skater in the Fox Family TV movie ”Ice Angel.” But get this for a thespian challenge: Her character will have a different name altogether. Get Stella Adler on line 1, pronto!

AND THEN THERE WERE THREE Mere weeks after losing their guitarist, Oasis endures yet another desertion, with bassist Paul McGuigan quitting the band. Oasis’ label, Creation Records, issued the statement: ”Paul has finished his work on the recordings of the new album and feels now is an opportune time to leave before the band undertakes touring and promotional activities later on this year.” At this rate, by the year 2000 the band’s tour will consist of the two Gallagher brothers sitting on stage whacking each other in the head with two-by-fours.

IN MEMORY William Shatner has created a memorial fund for his wife that will benefit a home for alcoholic and drug-abusing women. Nerine Shatner drowned in their swimming pool earlier this month, and William recently told the National Enquirer of her ongoing struggle with alcoholism.

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