By Noah Robischon
Updated August 20, 1999 at 04:00 AM EDT

HINT TO AGENTS: Don’t send Bruce Willis a script unless it’s got a number in the title. Judging from the action hero’s math-heavy oeuvre — which includes such films as 1995’s Twelve Monkeys and the upcoming football drama Nine Yards — it seems the man’s got a strange digit obsession. We thought we’d uncover some hidden meanings from numerologists. — Noah Robischon

FOUR ROOMS (1995) CRUNCHING THE NUMBERS According to Professor Astro (ne Tony Parker), a Manhattan-based numerologist for hire, the digit four represents ”situations requiring a great deal of work.” Obviously, somebody didn’t tell the screenwriter.

THE FIFTH ELEMENT (1997) CRUNCHING THE NUMBERS The numeral five, says Parker, means Willis is drawn to ”unusual people.” So that explains costar Chris Tucker.

DIE HARD 2: DIE HARDER (1990) CRUNCHING THE NUMBERS The sequel to Willis’ first hit is part of a ”Togetherness” cycle, according to the automated numerology website Which means Die Hard 3 was sadly unavoidable.

THE SIXTH SENSE (1999) CRUNCHING THE NUMBERS According to, six corresponds to Willis’ near future. So expect more flicks with strange whispering kids.