Finding a name for your band online -- Websites abound for anyone struggling to find an appropriate music moniker

By Dan Snierson
Updated August 06, 1999 at 04:00 AM EDT

So you’ve decided to form a band. You’ve scored the way-glamorous singer. The monster-riffing guitarist. The tight-as-a-Carmen Electra-tank-top rhythm section. But the best name you’ve brainstormed is…the Rolling Seder Tables. Fear not, websites exist to help you whip up a more suitably bizarre moniker. After breezing through such suggestions as Violent Devil Lobster (from the Jam at interactive/generator.html) or All-Night Yahtzee (from Band-o-Matic at, you might want to bookmark GORBY (, which brims with winky pop satires like Evolving With Bob Barker and non-sequiturial gems like Grapes and Babes. Better yet, the Swarming Midget Band Name Archive (http://www.geo offers suggestions in 15 categories; under ”edible band names,” you’ll find Consequences in Marinara Sauce. Once you decide, cruise over to the Canonical List of Weird Band Names ( to see if your creation is still available. Sorry, the Shamu Afterbirth Orchestra is taken.