Bond is back -- In ''The World Is Not Enough,'' Pierce Brosnan shows there's a softer side to OO7

By Benjamin Svetkey
Updated August 06, 1999 at 04:00 AM EDT

The World Is Not Enough

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The name is familiar — Bond, James Bond — but the picture promises to be a bit different. In The World Is Not Enough, the 19th film in the MGM franchise, due in theaters Nov. 19, expect Pierce Brosnan to play a slightly more vulnerable, apparently less agile superspy. ”I suffer an injury in the beginning,” explains the actor. ”I get a dislocated shoulder falling from a hot-air balloon onto the Millennium Dome. But I still go on the mission. I don’t have a limp or an eye injury or anything like that.”

Also expect to see more of Bond’s boss, M, once again played by that indomitable dame, Judi Dench, the first actress in a Bond flick to have won both a Tony and an Oscar (and one of the few not to wear a bikini). There’s also Sophie Marceau as Bond’s new shag interest, Robert Carlyle as a Bosnian bad guy with designs on the world’s oil supply, and Denise Richards as, ahem, a nuclear physicist, who doesn’t wear a bikini either (”I wear shorts and a tank top — it’s more scientific looking,” she explains).

Still, some things never change, at least in Bondville: Desmond Llewelyn will be appearing yet again as gadget master Q, although this time he’ll have a new assistant (who may take over Q’s job in future Bond films). His name: Cleese, John Cleese.

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The World Is Not Enough

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