By Gillian Flynn
Updated July 30, 1999 at 04:00 AM EDT

WEBSITE // TIAZINHA ( Appreciate the brunet in the black mask as she presses her whip against her lower lip. Now stop. Enter the site and admire 100 photos of the dominatrix in many you’ve-been-naughty poses. Now stop. You’ve entered the realm of Tiazinha. Which is not a porn site. Which is, in fact, the official page for Brazilian kid-show host-cum-cultural juggernaut Tiazinha (translation: Little Auntie). Understand her appeal: Tiazinha (née Suzana Alves) broke through on a TV quiz show in which she wiggled, gyrated, waxed the body hair off young boys, and administered the occasional spanking. Her image has graced candy, stickers, and a best-selling Brazilian Playboy. Admire the graphics, ponder the pretty Portuguese words, and give thanks for the links to Bloomie’s and Baryshnikov. There is not much more for you. Want to complain? You will be dealt with harshly. B