The 50 Greatest Movies Never Made

In The 50 Greatest Movies Never Made, this tribute to “the world’s greatest failures,” the founder of Film Threat magazine tells the stories behind a bevy of potential movie classics that never made it into a film can. Bursting with intriguing what-ifs — what if David O. Selznick had actually hired Alfred Hitchcock to shoot Hitler’s memoir, Mein Kampf? And what if, instead of Citizen Kane, Orson Welles had directed the young Lucille Ball in The Smiler With a Knife? — Chris Gore’s passion for old Hollywood is occasionally dampened by skimpy research and dubious judgment. For instance, it’s probably just as well that a proposed 1977 Road reunion of the geriatric Hope-Crosby-Lamour trio never got made. B-

The 50 Greatest Movies Never Made
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