EW Online has early details about a follow-up to the hit teen comedy

By Jessica Shaw
Updated July 20, 1999 at 04:00 AM EDT
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Get ready for another slice of ”American Pie”: Universal and Warren Zide, who produced the film, met last week to discuss story ideas for a sequel to the teen sex farce, which has already grossed more than $45 million. ”We’re exploring the possibilities of doing the sequel, but by no means is it one of those situations where the studio rushes us into production so it can be out next summer,” Zide tells EW Online. ”They were even more protective of the movie than we were.”

Although several story ideas are being tossed around, Zide confirms that one about the four guys (Jason Biggs, Chris Kline, Thomas Ian Nicholas, and Sean William Scott) going abroad to find Nadia (Shannon Elizabeth), the foreign-exchange student, is a leading possibility. ”The Europe story is one of two ideas,” says Zide, who adds that scribe Adam Herz is the first choice to pen the screenplay. ”But we’re really in an embryonic stage now. It’s too soon to tell if it will even happen, much less (to decide) on the story.”

American Pie

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