Check out our guide to see what your favorite bands are shilling this summer, including 'N Sync, Black Sabbath and more

By Kristen Baldwin
Updated July 16, 1999 at 04:00 AM EDT

When it comes to summer tours, it’s not the music that registers — it’s the crap you take home. Last year in North America alone, fans snatched up $1.2 billion worth of licensed-music goodies. Here’s a peek at swag to blow your paycheck on (prices where available)

Tee time
R.E.M. break free of the tired picture-on-front, dates-on-back format with a classy (albeit polyester) soccer jersey… Speaking of synthetics, ‘N Sync make a misguided attempt at retro chic with a tacky two-toned jersey. Bonus: The rubber iron-on photo is sure to promote profuse chest sweating… Woodstock 99 promoters invoke the Mud Gods of ’94 with their snarky ”Pray for rain” logo. Better ask the Big Guy for some Porta Pottis, too.

Metal shop
Even if you’re in the nosebleed seats, this bitchin’ sign-of-the-devil foam hand (featuring a ”666” and pentagram insignia) will help Rob zombie spot you rockin’ out in the crowd… incense stadium security by practicing nollies and pop-shove-its in between sets with a Warped tour skateboard. BYO wheels… Mash those Marlboro Reds out in style with this lightweight but heavy metal Black Sabbath ashtray. Perfect for coffee tables or AMC Pacer dashboards.

Accessories after the fact
Paired with a Catholic school kilt and pigtails, this Britney Spears teddy bear completes any girl’s inappropriately-sexy-for-my-age look… Tom Jones will have nothing on Blink 182 when punk rock girls toss these flimsy thong panties at them. Truly hardcore fans can enjoy a band-sponsored wedgie… What goes better with summer’s weltering mosh puts than an embroidered Sugar Ray knit cap? That’s right — nothing.