George Clinton, Bree Sharp and David Duchovny made news this week

By Lorraine Ali and Tom Sinclair
Updated July 16, 1999 at 04:00 AM EDT

By George…
Funk forefather George Clinton’s profile has been lower than a Bootsy Collins bass line for the past few years. But expect that to change later this month when his P-Funk All Stars play Woodstock ’99. Then there’s an upcoming book of what Clinton calls ”P-Funk chronicles” and a VH1 Legends segment in October. Also that month, the first album in 18 years from Funkadelic will be released (with a new disc from Clinton’s other band, Parliament, due shortly thereafter). The CD, released on the Disney-owned Mammoth label, will avoid the themes of the All Stars’ 1996 indie-released Dope Dogs, with its scabrous tales of drug-and music-addicted canines. ”You know Disney ain’t gonna go for that,” he says. ”Not with all those dog characters they’ve got.”

Bree cheese
”David Duchovny, why won’t you love me?” asks Bree Sharp on her new single, dedicated to, and named after, the ”brooding and comely” X-Files star. ”I think it’s a really good song,” says an embarrassed David Duchovny, who received a demo of the song last year. ”I found myself playing it in my car now and then.” Or at least often enough to catch the attention of X-Files staffer Charles Forsche and Will Shivers, who works at Fox. They enlisted the services of an impressive array of celebs (including Calista Flockhart, Brad Pitt, Whoopi Goldberg, and William B. Davis, a.k.a. X-Files‘ Cancer Man) to lip-synch lines for a gag video, which was screened at last year’s X-Files Xmas party. The clip, alas, will never air publicly. It has, however, created a buzz around Sharp’s debut album, A Cheap and Evil Girl, due July 27. ”The song’s gotten attention we never expected,” says the New York-based Sharp, who’ll soon shoot the song’s official video (Duchovny’s role in it is still unclear). ”Everybody’s happy, happy, happy.” What could make her happier? Appearing in an X-Files episode. ”I’ll do whatever they want me to do — dress as an alien, wear an FBI suit. Whatever. I just want to meet David.”

(with additional reporting by Tricia Johnson)