Gene Simmons explains why R.E.M. isn't any fun

By Tom Sinclair and Rob Brunner
Updated July 15, 1999 at 04:00 AM EDT
Gene Simmons
Credit: Fitzroy Barrett/Globe Photos

Sure, Goldberg is a badass, but can he breathe fire? Professional wrestling is about to heat up: Aging rock group Kiss have decided to sponsor an army of WCW grapplers named, appropriately enough, the Warriors of Kiss.

According to frontman Gene Simmons, the inaugural Warrior — dubbed the Demon — will sport Simmons’ famed makeup and come equipped with his own formidable combustible breath. The Demon will debut sometime this fall, though no firm date has been set. ”The bottom line is, other bands can’t have fun. They consider what they do ART,” says Simmons. ”If we were R.E.M., we couldn’t do this.”