Kevin Kostner, ''Twin Falls Idaho,'' and ''Man on the Moon'' made movie news this week

By Steve Daly and Daniel Fierman
Updated July 09, 1999 at 04:00 AM EDT

Title match
It won kudos at Cannes and has already played in Europe as The Powder Keg. But when Paramount Classics picked up the Serbian black comedy for the U.S., the studio discovered Kevin Costner and Warner Bros. had already registered that title — and wouldn’t surrender it. The new North American title: Cabaret Balkan. ”Now we wait for the call from the Bob Fosse estate,” says director Goran Paskaljevic. ”In the meantime, my next movie will be Dancing With the Wolves.”

Twin piques
Is the Motion Picture Association of America unfair to Siamese twins? Execs at Sony Pictures Classics think so. Their trailer for Twin Falls Idaho, opening July 30, features a call girl kissing one conjoined twin. The MPAA felt that shot suggested a menage a trois and refused to grant the trailer a green ”general audience” classification unless it was excised. ”We faxed [the MPAA] documentation explaining that Siamese twins are a single entity,” says SPC’s Tom Bernard. ”They said, ‘Nice try…. This is two men kissing one woman.”’ Sony is considering whether it will accept a red ”restricted” tag on the trailer, which means it can be shown only before R-rated films. SPC’s indecision puzzles MPAA rep Bethlyn Hand. ”Trailers are expensive,” she says. ”Less than 1 percent go out with red tags, because producers want their movie to gain as wide an audience as possible.”

Moon struck
Since test screenings of the Andy Kaufman biopic, Man on the Moon, began, Universal has been hit by Internet rumors alleging the Jim Carrey flick features everything from a trick beginning to star cameos to multiple endings. The sources? ”Many close associates of Andy’s were involved in the film,” says studio spokesperson Terry Curtin. ”We suspect that they’re peppering the media with, um, provocative misinformation.” Ain’t It Cool News’ Harry Knowles says the charges are overblown: ”Sure, I get lots of [rumors] — but I’ve only had one I know is from a friend of Kaufman’s. The folks at Universal should just relax.”

Man on the Moon (Movie - 1999)

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