The popular commedianne's children to bring their home life to the small screen

By Susan Karlin
Updated July 09, 1999 at 04:00 AM EDT

Roseanne and her outsize antics have always had a cartoonish quality about them. Which is why it’s only fitting that four of the comedian’s children are developing an animated comedy series based on their lives with her. Tentatively titled The Puccis, the show revolves around four kids who move back home to live with their celeb mom, a washed-up TV star prone to psychotic episodes requiring medication. ”The kids live off her money and have to do what she says,” says artist Jenny Pentland, 23, daughter of Roseanne and her first husband, Bill Pentland. ”In one scene, the mother’s personal assistant runs in with a syringe after one of her attacks, after which the kids just sit around the sedated mother deciding what to do. And that’s just the pilot.” The series is being developed with animation company Coffey/Ballantine, which has a deal with syndicated distributor King World (distributor of The Roseanne Show). Jenny drew the original character sketches, and her siblings — including Brandi Brown, 28, Jessica Pentland, 24, and Jake Pentland, 21 — consulted on the pilot script. King World recently began shopping the series to networks and cable for possible fall 2000 airing. So how’s Roseanne reacting to such a flattering portrayal? ”She’s executive-producing it,” says Jenny. ”So she either loves it or that’s her way of keeping an eye on us.”