Rudy Giuliani would not approve of Adam Sandler's summer comedy antics

By Will Lee
Updated July 09, 1999 at 04:00 AM EDT
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It’s no secret that a key element in any Adam Sandler movie is to break the rules. After all, isn’t it funny watching him trip up skaters in Big Daddy? But in Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s cleaned-up New York City, where the film is set, Big Daddy would likely have gone to the big house. According to the Manhattan DA’s office and the lawyers we consulted, here’s Sandler’s hypothetical rap sheet.

MOVIE PRANK: Under false pretenses, Sandler adopts a son.
REAL CRIME: Criminal impersonation
PENALTY: Up to a year in jail and/or $1,000 fine

MOVIE PRANK: Sandler forces a recalcitrant Halloween-treat giver to pony up a watch and CDs.
REAL CRIME: Third-degree burglary
PENALTY: Up to seven years in jail

MOVIE PRANK: Sandler trips up an oncoming Rollerblader.
REAL CRIME: First-degree reckless endangerment
PENALTY: Up to one year in jail

MOVIE PRANK: Sandler feeds his kid a diet of ketchup and candy.
REAL CRIME: Endangering the welfare of a child
PENALTY: Up to one year in jail

MOVIE PRANK: Sandler and son pee on a SoHo building in broad daylight.
REAL CRIME: Public urination
PENALTY: A court summons and a fine

TOTAL PENALTIES: Up to 10 years in jail and $1,000 plus in fines

Big Daddy

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