Plus, Disney settles with Jeffrey Katzenberg, and the Backstreet Boys get apolitical

By Josh Wolk
Updated July 07, 1999 at 04:00 AM EDT
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TEAMING UP Fans wanting a video for Ricky Martin and Madonna‘s duet, ”Be Careful” (from his best-selling album), will get one, but they’ll have to be patient. Martin told MTV News that the duo is planning a shoot, but because of Madonna’s frenetic schedule it won’t happen until December. In the meantime, Martin has just finished shooting a video for his next single, ”She’s All I Ever Had,” which should premiere in early August.

SETTLEMENT Jeffrey Katzenberg‘s highly publicized lawsuit against Disney has been settled, according to the Associated Press. The amount of Disney’s payoff was not disclosed, so it’s not clear how much it covered of the $250 million that Katzenberg said he was owed. The suit centered around the former Disney Studio chief’s claim that when he left the company in 1994 he should have received a 2 percent bonus based on the profits (current and future) from all the movies produced under his watch. Disney’s claim that Katzenberg forfeited that cash when he broke his contract two years early was denied, and the two sides recently went through a well-publicized hearing to decide damages, in which Disney CEO Michael Eisner infamously admitted that he called Katzenberg a ”little midget,” proving that all the money in the world won’t necessarily buy you good manners.

CAMPAIGN CRACKDOWN A San Francisco mayoral candidate who was using the Backstreet Boys song ”One” as his campaign theme has dropped it, in accordance with a request from the band. According to MTV News, one of the group’s representatives voiced some licensing issues with the use of the tune, and eventually the two sides agreed that Mark Hardie, a third-party ”progressive” candidate, would find another tune to rally to. There were no hard feelings, though: ”I’m definitely a supporter of the Backstreet Boys,” said Hardie, ”and I’m definitely still a fan.”

LIVE HOMECOMING Everyone in America will be able to welcome Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band home: VH1 will televise live the first two songs of the opening gig of their U.S. tour, which will take place July 15 at 7:30 p.m. in, where else, New Jersey.

SINGING Talk about your heavy-hitting opening acts: Aretha Franklin will sing the national anthem to begin the Three Tenors’ concert on July 17 at Tiger Stadium in Detroit. This is the trio’s only North American gig, and Franklin is an especially relevant pick because she’s a Detroit native. She also may temporarily turn the threesome into a quartet, possibly joining them for one song.

CASTING Arnold Schwarzenegger will reteam with his ”Eraser” director Chuck Russell in ”Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze.” The long-absent muscleman will play Savage, a rich, debonair, Indiana Jones-type thrill-seeker…. It’s a far cry from Monty Python, but Eric Idle is joining the cast of ”Suddenly Susan” next season, playing the new owner of Brooke Shields’ magazine (replacing the departed Judd Nelson)…. Timothy Hutton is starring in the A&E TV mystery movie ”The Golden Spiders,” which reprises the detective character of Nero Wolfe. Hutton will play the assistant to the portly investigator, who will be portrayed by Maury Chaykin (”Entrapment”).

RECOVERING Blues Traveler’s John Popper has been released from the hospital after undergoing an angioplasty to alleviate chest pains he had been suffering for the past few months, according to Launch magazine. He’s in good shape, but all of the band’s concerts this month have been postponed.

STUDIO SYNERGY MGM, which badly needs a hit, is teaming with Miramax, which knows how to make a hit, for a coproduction deal. The two studios will team for at least eight movies, most of which will be remakes of classic films from the MGM collection. Their first two projects will be an update of the Jimmy Stewart comedy ”Harvey,” and an adaptation of the recent best-selling novel ”Cold Mountain.”

BIRTHS Yet another Osmond has entered the world: On Tuesday Marie Osmond gave birth to her seventh child, Matthew Blosil.

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