The ''Big Daddy'' star reveals she's willing to strut her sultry stuff one last time for... Shirley Maclaine?

Adam Sandler, Joey Lauren Adams
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Raking $42.1 million in its opening weekend, Adam Sandler’s ”Big Daddy” clearly went boom — but a quick look at the skimpy costumes of costars Leslie Mann and Kristy Swanson reveals that the comedy has plenty of, uh, bust as well. But not so for Joey Lauren Adams, who plays Sandler’s conservatively dressed love interest. ”I wouldn’t have played those parts, but that’s just me,” sniffs the actress. ”I’ve played the sexy bimbo role before, and I don’t want to do it anymore.”

Adams, 26, says her starring role in 1997’s ”Chasing Amy” has given her the chance to leave the sex kitten costumes to other aspiring starlets. ”I played a woman with integrity in that movie, so I feel that I can maintain that in other roles,” she explains. On the set of ”Big Daddy,” Adams chose her own somewhat straitlaced wardrobe, deliberately overlooking the tiny Ts being handed out to her female costars.

But Adams admits that she is willing to bare cleavage — even if it’s only of the plastic variety — when the part is just too good to resist. ”I wore fake breasts when Shirley Maclaine asked me to,” she says of ”Bruno,” Maclaine’s upcoming directorial debut in which Adams plays a ”tawdry, East coast, trashy country-western singer.” Still, she claims the revealing getups she wears in the film (opposite Gary Sinise) aren’t exploitative: ”The film’s not done in a way of ‘Wow, look at these women’s breasts!”’ Ooops, there goes the box office.

Big Daddy
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