John Travolta lost It, and Bruce Springsteen is just getting It back, check inside for more

By EW Staff
Updated June 25, 1999 at 04:00 AM EDT

IT comes and it goes. and sometimes IT comes back. Here, our tally of celebrities in the transitional phase:

Who’s Losing It
JOHN TRAVOLTA: Too many movies, too few awards (The General’s Daughter won’t earn any gold stars). His comeback is no longer a phenomenon.
SEAN ”PUFFY” COMBS: Could next produce jailhouse rock.
SHARON STONE: Where’s the dicey dash of Casino? Where’s the spicy, um, flash of Basic Instinct? She could use a Muse of her own.
SOUTH PARK: Let’s hope the big-screen version puts the spark back, because the show, like Kenny, has been getting killed in the ratings.
CUBA GOODING JR. Show us the good movies!
THE X-FILES: For all of the mysteries Chris Carter cleared up this season, he forgot one: Where are the viewers going?
JERRY SPRINGER: He claimed to be just a shlub with a talk show. Now, with the fights gone and the ratings down, he may soon be just a shlub.
ALANIS MORISSETTE: Her new album has sold 10 million copies less than her breakthrough Jagged Little Pill. That’s not ironic…just sad.
THE VIEW: Bring back Debbie!
TEEN MOVIES: Having B.O. growing pains. Some scripts are wilting like a prom-night corsage.

Who’s Getting it Back
EDDIE MURPHY: Spoofing his own late-’80s ego and paranoia in Bowfinger. Could Murphy’s next golden child be named Oscar?
ROBERT DE NIRO: His therapy comedy, Analyze This, earned $104 mil at the box office. After 20 years of being a goodfella, he’s the new king of comedy.
CHER: Believe it! Can you get us tickets?
DAVID LYNCH: So what if ABC passes on Mulholland Drive? The man who once reveled in dancing midgets found tenderness in The Straight Story — a family film that was a Cannes hit.
DARREN STAR: The luster faded from his now-defunct Melrose Place, but with Sex and the City he’s back to being…Mr. Big.
CHRIS ISAAK: Stanley Kubrick resurrected his 1995 song ”Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing” for Eyes Wide Shut. He can only hope Kubrick will pick more from the Isaak catalog for his next…uh-oh.
BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN: Not just the nostalgia tour of the summer, but a reminder to young rockers of how to put on a show.
ROB LOWE: The ex-Brat Packer and private-porn-video star is a man in motion again, thanks to Austin Powers 2 and his role in the upcoming NBC series The West Wing.
SHANNEN DOHERTY: Shannen, we hardly know ye, but we’re all charmed by Charmed.
STYX: Adam Sandler’s their biggest fan (see Big Daddy), and there’s a major reunion tour this summer. Can a Kosovo Storm Mix be far off?
TOM WAITS: On Mule Variations, his first album in seven years, Waits’ well-worn growl is refuge from the squeal of teen pop.
DEF LEPPARD: Most hair bands are capitalizing on the ’80s revival by cranking up their old hits, but Leppard actually took the time to write new tunes. Break out the lighter.
TLC They turned the word scrub into this year’s jiggy.
HUGH GRANT: Hot with Notting Hill. Now when people say his career’s divine, no one snickers.

The Anti-It
JAR JAR BINKS: The CGI-created nuisance is one argument in favor of the Y2K computer meltdown.