Plus, Stephen King is in stable condition after being mowed down by a van, and Michelle Williams plays a politicized lesbian

By Josh Wolk
June 21, 1999 at 04:00 AM EDT

REEL DEALS Francis Ford Coppola may direct a fourth ”Godfather” movie, which may star Leonardo DiCaprio and Andy Garcia, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Coppola has been working with original ”Godfather” author Mario Puzo on developing a script, and sources told the Reporter that the film may follow the alternating flashback pattern of ”The Godfather II,” with DiCaprio possibly playing a young Sonny Corleone (James Caan’s role in the original), which would make him Garcia’s father…. Barbra Streisand has optioned the rights to the novel ”Romeo & Julie,” the tale of rival small-town florists who fall in love. The lighting in the book is supposed to be phenomenal.

INJURED Stephen King is in the hospital with a punctured lung and leg and hip fractures after being hit by a van Saturday while taking a walk near his Portland, Maine summer home. The driver was reportedly distracted by a dog in his van; he stayed at the scene after striking the 51-year-old King, and the author’s family has not pressed charges. A rep for the Maine hospital King is staying in told Reuters that King’s ”condition is serious but he is stable,” with no signs of serious head injuries, and he will probably be kept for several more days.

CASTING ”Dawson’s Creek”’s Michelle Williams will star in the HBO anthology film ”If These Walls Could Talk 2.” In her segment, Williams plays a gay feminist coed in the ’70s who falls for a woman outside her politicized circles…. Courtney Love is making a career out of playing the lover of the out-there real-life hero. After roles as the paramours of Larry Flynt and Andy Kaufman, she’s set to play the wife of ”Naked Lunch” author William Burroughs in ”Beat”…. Mark Wahlberg is negotiating to costar with George Clooney in the adaptation of the best-seller ”The Perfect Storm”…. Anna Paquin is the newest member of Bryan Singer’s ”X-Men.” She’ll play Rogue, a psychic mutant who can absorb others’ superpowers by touching them…. Michael Douglas will play a con man blackmailed into performing the proverbial ”one last job” in ”The Score,” which will be directed by Frank Oz (”In and Out”)…. Kyra Sedgwick has replaced Amy Pietz (”Caroline in the City”) as the lead in the midseason ABC sitcom ”Talk to Me.” Sedgwick will play a radio host advice-giver who clashes with her Dr. Laura-like coworker. This should be familiar turf to the show’s creator, Suzanne Martin, an ex-”Frasier” writer.

BACKING OUT Those heading to Woodstock ’99 just to see Aerosmith should walk another way. The band has backed out of the festival, according to MTV News, citing ”mutual production problems and scheduling conflicts.” Aerosmith are currently on tour in Europe, and won’t finish until less than a week before the July 23-25 concert. In a statement, the band apologized to their fans.

VIDEO CASTING Mini-Me himself, Verne Troyer, will appear in the next video spawned by ”Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me.” He’ll be shaking his mini-thing along with Spice Girl Mel G. for her cover of ”Word Up,” which is on the film’s soundtrack.

CONVICT CRITICISM The infamous Son of Sam, David Berkowitz, told the New York Times that he was upset by Spike Lee depicting his murders in the new movie ”Summer of Sam” (opening July 2). ”This madness, the ugliness of the past is resurfacing again — all because some people want to make some money,” said Berkowitz, who has become a born-again Christian and says he regrets terrorizing New York City by killing six people and wounding seven in 1977. (He failed to mention when an ex-serial killer got the right to be heard as the voice of reason.) Surviving members of the victims’ families have also spoken out about the film, saying it exploits their tragedies. Last May Lee said that he felt for these survivors, but that he didn’t feel ”that the film is a glorification of David Berkowitz.”

LEGAL TROUBLE What…Bobby Brown in trouble again? Go figure! The singer now has a warrant out for his arrest in Florida after he allegedly violated his probation set in his drunk-driving case earlier this year, according to the Associated Press. His probation officer told the Fort Lauderdale judge that Brown had cocaine traces in a urine test in April, then neglected to show up for another test in May, and returned from a California trip past his ordered date. If Brown stays out of Florida he’ll be fine, since the prosecutors say they won’t extradite him, but if he does return and is found guilty, he could face up to 90 days in jail.