Plus, Matt Dillon and Liv Tyler will team up, and the WWF is sued

By Josh Wolk
Updated June 16, 1999 at 04:00 AM EDT

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PRODUCTION TROUBLES Fox has ordered reshoots in the pilot for Jennifer Love Hewitt‘s ”Party of Five” spin-off, ”Time of Your Life,” to make it more compatible with ”Ally McBeal,” which will follow it on the schedule next season. According to Variety, Fox execs felt the show had to be faster paced, and had to cram more story into the hour…. Shooting will most likely be delayed on the invisible man drama ”The Hollow Man,” now that star Elisabeth Shue has torn her Achilles tendon while working out. The movie was eight weeks into shooting, with 16 left to go, when the accident occurred. The Hollywood Reporter says that although there will probably be a production hiatus while she heals, sources did say there’s a possibility she could be replaced.

CASTING Matt Dillon has joined Liv Tyler in ”One Night at McCool’s.” Dillon will play one of the many men who share tales of how Tyler the temptress wronged them…. ”The Matrix”’s Carrie-Anne Moss may join the mostly geriatric cast of the comedy ”The Crew,” playing a detective investigating a drug dealer’s war against a retirement village whose residents he mistakenly think have wronged him. Richard Dreyfuss and Burt Reynolds costar as the geezers.

LAWSUITS The widow of Owen ”Blue Blazer” Hart, the wrestler who fell to his death while being descended from the rafters in a Kansas City WWF match on May 23, is suing the WWF, the city, the owners of that night’s venue, the Kemper Arena, and nine other defendants, claiming they were responsible for Hart’s death because of their negligence. Martha Hart hasn’t named a specific sum of damages, but she said in a press conference that she hoped her suit would start changing the trend toward dangerous stunts in the wrestling world, according to Reuters…. Paula Abdul is suing the diet juice impresario behind the Hollywood 48-Hour Miracle Diet for using her name in magazine ads without her permission. She is looking for more than $1 million for libel and invasion of privacy, according to the Associated Press.

ENTREPRENEUR Was this the chronic talking? Snoop Dogg told MTV News that he is planning on opening an amusement park near his hometown in Mississippi and calling it “Doggyland.” Dogg says it will be for the kids, and he’ll record special PG-rated songs for the rides. Does this mean no ”It’s a Small Ho After All”?

TOUR TROUBLES Brandy has been singing all over the world, but just as she heads back to the States, her tour has been cut short after she was summoned back to the set of ”Moesha” earlier than expected. The U.S. tour still starts on June 18 in Camden, N.J., but now it will end on July 6 in Chicago…. Cypress Hill has bowed out of their second summer tour this week; now they won’t appear in the Watcha tour as well as not appearing in the Warped tour, citing the importance of staying home and finishing their new album.

BEST OF THE BEST The American Film Institute has named Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn as the top male and female stars of all time. The results came from a poll of 1,800 members of the film industry who were asked to vote on stars whose debut came prior to 1951 (sorry, Adam Sandler!), based on ”star quality, craft, legacy, popularity, and historical context.” Placing second and third were Cary Grant and James Stewart for the men, and Bette Davis and Audrey Hepburn for the women.

PARTY CRASHING So that’s how the rich and famous live: Robin Leach is being investigated after an employee of a restaurant complained that Leach’s dinner party got a bit out of hand on May 31. Leach was eating at Las Vegas’ Delmonico Steakhouse with six nubile young ladies who, after a brief food fight, allegedly stripped while Leach smeared whipped cream and chocolate sauce on their bodies. Leach says the story is “an exaggeration,” that no one else was offended, and that “no sexual acts in any manner or form took place.” If the investigators from the local business agency find that Leach was getting a bit too hanky-pankyish, the restaurant could lose its liquor license. Leach is actually a hired consultant for the owners of the restaurant, the Venetian resort.

EMCEEING Billy Crystal is hosting this year’s Special Olympics on June 26 in Raleigh, N.C. Also expected to appear are Sugar Ray and Kirk Franklin.

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