Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn't

By EW Staff
June 11, 1999 at 04:00 AM EDT

Mail from our readers

The Star Wars backlash hit our mailbag in full force. Millions of moviegoers may have marched into theaters for the Phantom Menace experience, but others are galactically fed up with the hype (#486, May 21). David Graham of Butler, Pa., writes, ”I, for one, hope Austin Powers shags George Lucas rotten, baby. Where it will hurt him the most — his pocketbook.” But for every detractor, there was a Jedi believer. ”Just the climactic lightsaber duel is enough to give the film an A,” raves Matt Roberts of Portland, Ore. The one point EW readers can agree on? That goofy Jar Jar Binks should be forever banished. Rails Keith Allen of Waterford, Ohio: ”Almost instantly, I wanted to see one of the Trade Federation tanks flatten Jar Jar.” George, you taking notes?

Star and Gripes
I know a lot of readers will be critical of your dedication to Star Wars, but many, like me, are also going to thank you. In particular, I appreciate your clearing up the pronunciation of Liam Neeson’s character; I had been wondering (”Qui-Gon as in Egon from Ghostbusters?”). The character sidebars were also interesting.
Steven F. Ong Gako
Ladson, S.C.

For those of us readers who do have more important things to do than obsess over Star Wars, I’d like to request that you find something else to write about. This movie has already been overhyped, and gathering from reviews, including your own, it’s not worthy of the attention that it has been given. Why not focus on newsworthy events such as TLC, the new TV season, the Internet, or maybe even — here’s an idea — more in-depth entertainment news?
Beaumont, Tex.

Imagine my surprise and excitement when I reached into my mailbox and found my new EW with — Star Wars on the cover! What creativity! What originality! What a surprise! What guts you have! What risk takers you are! Kudos, EW! P.S. That was sarcasm…
Sherry Mann
Carlisle, Pa.

Why is Owen Gleiberman upset about The Phantom Menace‘s plot involving trade disputes and taxation? Contrary to being sleep-inducing, I think Mr. Lucas’ move to include Machiavellian maneuverings on the world (or, in this case, universal) economic stage to be rather gutsy. So much for the outcry among some critics that there’s not much here for anyone over four feet tall. I loved everything about the film, but especially admired how Mr. Lucas refused to dumb down his plot. The unassuming man in the flannel shirt has once again taken us by surprise.
Joe Menta Jr.

Earth Angel
How do I love EW? Let me count the ways…. Lately, EW has been including quite a few articles on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its cast members. You nearly outdid yourself in the most recent issue! To print an article about David Boreanaz and Joss Whedon simply made my week! Thank you for recognizing one of the greatest shows, with the greatest cast, on TV.
Tracy Vaughn
Clarksville, Tenn.

Princess pride
In ”A Killer Deal,” Josh Young describes Xena: Warrior Princess as ”tacky lowbrow entertainment.” The quality of Xena‘s music, writing, costumes, special effects, and yes, even the acting, is consistently higher than most shows. In spite of its sometimes campy nature, Xena is filled with complex story lines and features some of the deepest, most complex characters on the tube.
Dina Marks
Shelton, Conn.

Talking back
In your review of the newest albums from Backstreet Boys and C Note, you mentioned that teens used to turn to ”writers as sophisticated as Joni Mitchell and Jackson Browne.” Well, a vast minority of us still do. Adults tend to assume that all teenagers listen to BSB, ‘N Sync, Boyzone, et al. I would just like to clarify that some teens look for more in musicians than their abs. Some of us would take Joni Mitchell’s perception and wit over C Note’s sap any day.
Kristen Kohn
Westminster, Md.