For their upcoming third album, the four hitmakers will rely on the guy who helped Whitney Houston and Will Smith

By Tom Sinclair
May 31, 1999 at 04:00 AM EDT
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Are the Spice Girls’ 15 minutes up yet? Not if they can help it. For their third album, the ladies are bringing in 21-year-old producer du jour Rodney Jerkins, whose credits include work with Whitney Houston, Will Smith, Brandy, and BLACKstreet. Jerkins — who is currently in the studio with Michael Jackson — met the fab four recently and got on swimmingly with them.

”We talked about what kind of sound they want,” says Jerkins, who’s known for his highly commercial form of street-infused pop. ”I told them I’d like to keep to happy songs that kids can identify with, but my tracks would be a little harder and edgier. Not so Euro, but more American.”

Jerkins will travel to London this summer to begin recording with the group. But can they really do it again? ”Oh yeah,” says Jerkins. ”The next album will sell over 20 million.” Ah, the confidence of youth.