TV's funniest lines from May 21 to 27

By EW Staff
May 28, 1999 at 04:00 AM EDT

Star Wars creator George Lucas was interviewed on CNN this week. Action figures from the interview will be available in stores at midnight tonight.”
Dennis Miller on Dennis Miller Live

”The London Sun is reporting that before the end of the year the remaining Beatles will release a new song using previously recorded vocals by John Lennon. The song, called ‘We’re Not Home Right Now, Leave a Message After the Beep,’ will be out in June.”
Colin Quinn on SNL

”Chevron is in talks to acquire Texaco for $42 billion. The merger would create the nation’s largest chain of unsanitary rest rooms.”
Craig Kilborn on The Late Late Show

”Virgin airlines is redesigning the cabin of one of their airplanes with shag carpeting, loud colors, and lava lamps. Apparently, the idea is to make the airplane an exact replica of Air Force One.”
Conan O?Brien, referring to Virgin’s Austin Powers promotion, on Late Night