When Michael Jackson wants to see 'The Matrix,' others have to wait

Michael Jackson
Credit: Bill Davila/Retna

How many kings of pop does it take to fill an entire Manhattan screening room? Just one, reports Entertainment Weekly. When Michael Jackson arrived for a private showing of ”The Matrix” at the Sony building on May 10, office security was told to keep people away from the seventh floor in order to give the singer some space. Folks who showed up for a scheduled preview screening of the indie drama ”Twin Falls Idaho” had to wait in a downstairs lobby 45 minutes until another location could be found.

Both Jackson and Sony Music, which organized the screening for one of its biggest moneymakers, refused to comment, other than to say, as one Sony spokesperson put it: ”That was supposed to be hush-hush.” Says a publicist involved with the ”Twin Falls Idaho” screening: ”I couldn’t understand it. The guy has his own llamas — can’t he get his own screening room?”

The Matrix

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