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By EW Staff
May 21, 1999 at 04:00 AM EDT

Mail from our readers

Summer may still be a month away, but gathering from the mostly ecstatic responses to our Summer Movie Preview issue (#483, April 30), EW readers are already in a barbecue, sand-between-the-toes state of mind. Jer Fairall of Windsor, Ontario, has other things on his mind, though: ”Re: The news of the rerelease of Caligula. You’re joking, right?” Sorry, buddy. It’s for real. Apologies also need to go out to Richard Barossi of Bridgewater, Mass., who writes: ”I just had to commend you for not making Star Wars the cover of your recent movie preview issue. After all the hype the last few months (including EW) it was nice to see you choose to focus on other movies.” Rich, you can always use this issue to fire up your Weber.

Sun screens
Your Summer Movie Preview was the best and most interesting coverage you’ve ever had. I appreciate how you focused on independent films as well as blockbusters. I was especially thrilled to read updates on Christina Ricci, Lili Taylor, Mira Sorvino, and Catherine Zeta-Jones. You nailed four of my five favorite actresses! Throw in a little Sarah Michelle Gellar and this issue would be absolute perfection.
Jamie Enes
Mississauga, Ontario

As usual, an excellent Summer Movie Preview! However, I have to nitpick. Could you please stop generalizing women’s taste in movies? In the preview for Black Mask (martial-arts master Jet Li’s new film) you stated, ”Expect a huge female audience — to go see Notting Hill.” I can’t believe I’m the only woman who would pick a martial-arts, action, or sci-fi film over a romantic comedy anytime. I loved The Matrix and can’t wait to see The Phantom Menace and The Spy Who Shagged Me. Gee, not a Julia Roberts film in the bunch.
Sylvia Knippelberg
Hamilton, Ontario

My favorite issues have always been the movie preview issues, but I can’t help feeling a little shortchanged recently. I can recall a time when they offered more than just basic information on the movies due out. In the past, they also contained exciting sidebars about the trailers, villains, and trends of the upcoming season. Those extras brought the issues to awe-inspiring life. It was a thing of beauty. This issue wasn’t all bad, though. The photos and fonts were fabulous.
Andrew Huck
Clayton, Calif.

Critical judgment
Why does Lost & Found deserve two-thirds of a page, even though you gave it a D+, but Election only gets a one-paragraph review, despite the fact that you rated it an A? Don’t you think there should be more to write about a very good film than about a lousy one?
Martin Girard

That was cold!
As a longtime hockey fan, I am offended by Jim Mullen’s comment regarding Wayne Gretzky’s retirement. I’d like to see Jim lace up his skates and try playing hockey. Maybe then he’d learn that hockey players are the most highly skilled professional athletes we have, a rare breed who sacrifice their bodies in pursuit of the Stanley Cup. Stick with commenting on entertainment and leave the sports to Sports Illustrated.
Dawne Scott
Long Branch, N.J.

You were far too kind to NBC’s production of Noah’s Ark. I’ve seen some really bad pseudo-biblical trash in my time, but this one takes the cake. I kept waiting for the Flood to put out the fire in Sodom so that Noah and his merry band of patriarchs could march back in and have a meaningful dialogue with the miscreants. One hour and fifteen minutes into the production, I e-mailed NBC and promised to become an atheist if they would only cancel the second night.
Laurence G. Hawk
San Francisco

I saw Noah’s Ark on NBC. The Book was better.
Jamie Goldtrap
Cookeville, Tenn.

Perhaps you have to have been a Party of Five fan from the get-go to understand how far the show has fallen. What once was an insightful, beautifully written, character-driven drama has devolved into just another amnesiac, plot-driven (if well-acted) soap opera. What can we have happen to Julia this week? Domestic violence? Lesbianism? How long until she gets her own ad agency? My grade: C-.
Mike Pennella
Maplewood, N.J.