Find out if websites by Cindy Crawford, Niki Taylor, Kathy Ireland, and more make the grade

By Gillian Flynn
Updated May 21, 1999 at 04:00 AM EDT

The Internet just got a little easier on the eyes. Supermodels, not content with invading our collective consciousness through TV, movies, and magazines, are now colonizing that final frontier, cyberspace. Funny thing: A lot of the official supermodel sites are as attractive as the women themselves, and remarkably fat with information. It’s as if the Cindys and Kathys of the world had realized that looks alone can’t anchor their little slivers of cyberspace and have overcompensated by digitizing whatever they can get their well-manicured hands on: bios, news briefs, advice, scrapbooks, e-mail, and, of course, merchandise and membership offers. You’re not going to get any Eureka!-level info, but here are a few sites that are sitting pretty.

The Official Cindy Crawford Website (
Admit it: You’ve often looked for a new book and thought, ”What would Cindy Crawford read?” Question answered at her exhaustive site, where she’s posted her reviews of One Hundred Years of Solitude and Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House series. Cindy also offers updates on her pregnancy (yoga helps), addresses rumors (no pregnant Playboy posing), and answers fan e-mail: Does she like Switzerland? Yes. Does she really play the piano? Yes. If she were to die and come back as a person or thing, what would she be? She’s honestly not sure. Glad that’s all settled. A-

Frederique Home Page (
Victoria’s Secret staple Frederique is all about letting you know what’s going on in her fabulous, fabulous world. Check out interviews, news, even her audio diary — in English, German, French, and Dutch — at her ambitious site. You’ll hear plenty about Frederique’s upcoming movie, Wild Wild West — but sadly, no behind-the-scenes stories of Miracle Bra fights with Stephanie Seymour. B- — Niki Taylor (
Get ideas for travel (Crete’s good) and fashion (lip gloss is good). Then wade through the stuff Niki suggests you buy: Banana Republic fragrance samplers, Meredith Levy hairpins, Monster Magnet’s CD single ”Space Lord.” ”Speaking of space, have you seen the silver platform Steve Madden kicks? They are definitely out-of-this-world sneakers.” We hear and obey, Niki. B+

Carol Alt’s Homepage (
Alt’s website is lush with fashion guides, links, and a do-it-yourself online calendar. It’s also lonely — a prime piece of real estate so deserted you almost expect to run into squatters. The opening page offers last November’s Limited Edition Autographed Photo ($5.99) — and one of the final e-mails to the ”Ask Carol” Message Center was posted by one Michael in February 1998 and reads only ”HEllo.” Did Alt’s webmaster bail after fielding such complex missives? Did Alt think: ”Hey, Michael, this isn’t a question…. Oh, what’s the use?” We may never know. B

The Official Kathy Ireland Web Site (
Kathy Ireland is not just a beautiful swimsuit model. See, it says so right here. According to her massive and oft-updated site, the Sports Illustrated legend is ”one of the world’s most accomplished women.” As such, she’s willing to weigh in on such issues as free will, changes in the tax code, and the olfactory passages of bears. And, bless her, she still makes time to save Web surfers from embarrassing body-glitter faux pas: ”Keep [it] light. It’s a powerful makeup in its own right.” Now back to the ’99 IRS regs… A