The Max Fischer Players from Wes Anderson's film hired to interpret nominated films such as ''Out of Sight'' and ''Armageddon'' for the MTV Movie Awards

May 21, 1999 at 04:00 AM EDT

Rushmore fans: Your sequel prayers have been answered. Sort of. MTV has recruited director Wes Anderson, as well as star Jason Schwartzman, who reprises his role as the underachieving Max Fischer, for a series of spots for the MTV Movie Awards. Anderson reassembled The Max Fischer Players, who put on the memorable Platoon-esque blowout in Rushmore, to interpret scenes from three MTV-nominated films. For example, in a takeoff of The Truman Show, ”there are poorly placed cameras all over the set,” says Schwartzman, who dons ”a lot of gold rings” to play Ed Harris’ Christof. The bits, filmed at Caldwell Elementary School in McKinney, Tex., will also feature Schwartzman as George Clooney in Out of Sight, and as Billy Bob Thornton in Armageddon. Just don’t call them reenactments. ”Max wouldn’t be caught dead copying anything,” says Schwartzman. ”He’s always got to inject a little of the Fischer.” Meanwhile, Anderson’s so pleased that he’s ”tempted to take on Broadway. Possibly with a [stage version] of The Phantom Menace. Keep your fingers crossed.”

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