Crashed by some very interesting guests the ''Star Trek'' spin-off says goodbye


There was no Klingon gagh or Vulcan plomeek soup on hand, and those were only two of the signs that the April 22 wrap party for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, at the Skybar in L.A.’s Mondrian hotel, was a decidedly earthbound affair. For one thing, some of the cast and crew used the occasion to express their disappointment that during their show’s seven-year run, Paramount never supported it with the marketing muscle afforded siblings Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Voyager. ”There was definitely the middle-child syndrome,” says DS9 exec producer Ira Behr. ”But the upside was that the suits left us alone and we were able to take some creative risks.” Then there was the rather earthy scene that inadvertently interrupted festivities: As cocreator Rick Berman stood in the hotel courtyard to give one final speech, gazes wandered elsewhere. Specifically, to a window on the fourth floor, where an amorous and rather exhibitionistic couple prepared to do some boldly going of their own. Amid the pointing and whistles, one partygoer summed it up best: ”Now, that’s what I call the final frontier.”

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

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