Online quotes from Catherine Zeta-Jones, Michael McKean, Amber Smith, and William Shatner

By EW Staff
May 21, 1999 at 04:00 AM EDT

”Oh, my God, I would have a sex job to be a Pip. Just to stand behind that woman.”
Entrapment‘s Catherine Zeta-Jones explaining just how far she’d go for favorite singer Gladys Knight, on Mr. Showbiz

”When you do a show like Laverne & Shirley about youthful idiots, if you go back and do it again as older idiots, it’s not as funny.”
Michael McKean on why he wouldn’t reprise his Lenny role for a Laverne & Shirley movie, on Comedy Central Online

”As a child, I liked Tanya Tucker because she was wild and big and blond! So I wanted to be a screaming, yelling, spitting, kicking blond beauty. For some strange reason.”
Supermodel Amber Smith on her girlhood idol, on TV Guide Online

”Yes, I can!! However, he could run away faster than I could catch him. We’ve actually tried it. And I couldn’t catch him.”
William Shatner on whether he can beat up Patrick Stewart, on