Fans can dissect some of the ''Psycho'' director's famous scenes thanks to a new multimedia kiosk at New York's Museum of Modern Art

By Noah Robischon
Updated May 21, 1999 at 04:00 AM EDT

Although he died before going digital, Alfred Hitchcock was a tech-savvy master whose career traversed innovations in sound, color, 3-D, and TV. ”He certainly would have gotten involved in multimedia if it existed,” says Robert Kapsis, whose Multimedia Hitchcock kiosk is a spectacular centenary audiovisual treasury now at New York’s Museum of Modern Art. Buffs will be spellbound by the shot-by-shot decon- struction of Psycho‘s shower scene — along with 49 other classic clips — and commentary taken from Hitchcock interviews. The ”Legacy” section presents the torture dance in Reservoir Dogs next to the scene from Rope that inspired it; the climax from The Untouchables and the cues it took from The Birds; and a spoof from The Simpsons that pays homage to North by Northwest. There’s plenty more. Catch it in New York or at L.A.’s Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for Hitchcock’s birthday this August — and you too can become the Fan Who Knew Too Much.