The best Television related websites for the week of May 14, 1999

By Gillian Flynn
Updated May 14, 1999 at 04:00 AM EDT

What to Surf – Television Websites

Television Best of Breed
Mystery & Crime On TV
All those who hold a fondness for Colombo’s rumpled raincoat should make tracks to this subdivision of the San Francisco-based Online Mystery Network. Plan your day around such diverse thrillers as The Commish and A Clockwork Orange in the listings section. Get your facts straight with profiles of shows from Hawaii Five-O to Remington Steele. (Remember when Remington got amnesia and gambled away the agency? These guys do.) Go to the over-active message boards, where you can discuss your favorite Dragnet guest star, like, say, O.J. Simpson. It’s a true guilty pleasure. A-

TV Single Dads Hall of Fame
Solo parent Jim O’Kane of Virginia fathered this site dedicated to all the Steve Douglases out there. The site yields some intriguing info: Who remembers that Love Boat‘s Vicki was the product of Captain Stubing’s liaison with a showgirl? Who remembers the McLean Stevenson vehicle Hello, Larry period? B+

Pazsaz Entertainment Network
Vital stats for more than 100 superhero cartoons, 125 sci-fi shows, and over 135 “hip TV” programs can be found on this vast database out of Portland, Ore. You can get definitive answers on the date Blossom originally aired (Jan. 3, 1991), the title of the first Charmed episode (“Something Wicca This Way Comes”), even the voice of Wonder Dog on Super Friends (Frank Welker). A-

Game Show Network
It’s a stroll down game-show lane, from classic What’s My Line? to kitschy Tic Tac Dough. You get program descriptions (in case you missed the subtle objective of The Gong Show), the cable channel’s scheduling info, and guest-star listings, so you can set the VCR for Markie Post’s spot on The $100,000 Pyramid. There are links to online game sites, but less interactivity than you would expect. Survey says: B