The most family friendly websites for the week of May 14, 1999

By Lois Alter Mark
Updated May 14, 1999 at 04:00 AM EDT

What to Surf – Family Websites

Family Best of Breed
Family Point
Keeping connected with relatives is a snap — or a click — when you create your own family page at this ingenious site. After registering, you can post notes, log events, scan in pictures of the kids, or chat with family members. The possibilities are endless: Create sites for your children’s classes, for your book club, for the Girl Scout troop…. Family Point is so on top of things, it could have been called Mom. A+

Math in Daily Life
Using such everyday examples as buying lottery tickets, this clever site sponsored by the Annenberg/CPB Project clearly illustrates the practicality of math principles like probability. It makes its points eloquently, gives your kids reason to hang in there — and offers a great chocolate chip cookie recipe to boot. B+

Spring is in bloom at this eclectic site from Texas A&M University. Young gardeners can get the dirt on projects like planting butterfly gardens, plus there are great book suggestions, links to other nature sites, and, oddly enough, a proposed Seinfeld script in which George gets involved with worms. B+

Build It & Bust It
A step above Legos, this super site lets budding architects build cool online bridges and towers with the help of a Java applet. An on-screen warning alerts kids to flaws and allows them to rethink their design. Once a structure is complete, they can then test its strength and view it in 3-D. With detailed instructions and a refreshingly irreverent attitude, this engineering site towers above its peers. A