May 14, 1999 at 04:00 AM EDT
We gave it a C

There are stray sparks of satiric wildness shooting out from this preachy teen message movie. Greg (Deon Richmond), known as G, is a gawky high school senior who channels his libido into hyperbolic daydreams in which he’s a crotch-thrusting player surrounded by nubile, bikini-clad freaks, then a Ramboesque warrior, then yet another player. It’s a clever idea that, with a few exceptions (a furious spoken-word performance of a poem called ”Don’t Be F —in’ With My S —!”), is a lot funnier in theory than execution. G, when he isn’t lost in fantasy, pursues a very studious princess (Maia Campbell) who begins to like him when he convinces her that he’s focused on getting into college. Unfortunately, that’s just what most of Trippin’ is about: G’s dreary journey toward becoming an upwardly mobile good citizen. No wonder the fantasy sequences are so weightless — they haven’t been staged with enough nasty, devil-may-care zing to make them a true temptation. C

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