Kraft aims to put ''Tubby Custard'' on store shelves everywhere

By Kristen Baldwin
Updated May 14, 1999 at 04:00 AM EDT

Life does imitate art, even in Teletubby Land. Tubby Custard, the food of choice of the roly-poly TV blobs, is becoming a reality. Burger King will be selling the Kraft-created version of the pink goo from May 10 to June 20, and the Teletubbies’ U.S. marketer, Itsy Bitsy Entertainment, hopes to put the stuff on store shelves within a year. (For those who don’t go for dessert, a line of Tubby Toast may also be in the works.) But what, we wondered, will the culinary sensation actually taste like? Getting a straight answer was harder than uncovering the plot to Eyes Wide Shut. Our conversation with Jaymi Horn, Itsy Bitsy’s director of marketing:

EW: What does Tubby Custard taste like?

Horn: Like Tubby Custard.

EW: Which means…?

Horn: It tastes like Tubby Custard.

EW: Is it fruity?

Horn: (Long silence) You’ve got to taste it.

EW: Is it Jell-O and skim milk?

Horn: It’s pink…it’s a custardy pudding.

EW: Thank you for clearing things up.