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Rating movies and their websites

Movie Grade: A
Website Grade: B
The teen flick for adults boasts a site with just a few pics and bios of Reese Witherspoon, Matthew Broderick, and others, but charms with its cute year-book and its hallway interface.

Movie Grade: B
Website Grade: B+
Mix body parts, virtual reality, and Jennifer Jason Leigh and you get two things: a new Cronenberg flick and a website that offers a slick web trailer, games, and other downloadables.

Idle Hands
Movie Grade: C
Website Grade: B+
Teen horror flick or comedic spoof? Either way, you get plenty of gore and laughs and, online, one of the most ridiculously bloody Shockwave games ever created, hands down.

Lost & Found
Movie Grade: D+
Website Grade: A-
David Spade competes on screen and site with both potty humor and scene-stealer Sophie Marceau. Want more Spade? Download Spade sounds, send Spade postcards, or build a Spade page.

Pushing Tin
Movie Grade: C+
Website Grade: B-
Radar blips have more personality than the air-traffic controllers played by John Cusack and Billy Bob Thornton. Likewise, the bios, trailer, and photos just never push the right buttons.

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