May 07, 1999 at 04:00 AM EDT
We gave it a C+

Two lesser lights of the ’60s Brit New Wave. Leather Boys is Sidney J. Furie’s blunt stab at kitchen-sink realism, with Tushingham as a teen trying to escape her working-class rut by marrying an angry young biker (Campbell). The film’s frank sexuality was rather bold in 1964, but now it barely enlivens the dreary slice of life. More energetic is the pseudo-Beat Girl Getters, in which a studly Reed plays a seaside Don Juan who gets his comeuppance when he falls for a classy model (Jane Merrow). Director Michael Winner tries to jazz up the film with freeze frames, but only succeeds in proving that he’s no Richard Lester, just as Furie’s no Tony Richardson.
The Leather Boys: C+
The Girl Getters: C+

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