Plus, Drew Barrymore plays a young mom, and is reality TV really fake?

By Josh Wolk
Updated May 04, 1999 at 04:00 AM EDT

BAD IMAGE Is Adam Sandler a bad influence? Columbia Pictures has been asked to replace posters of the upcoming Sandler comedy ”Big Daddy” — which feature a huge picture of a little boy urinating against a wall — with a less pee-centric shot in New York City subways and Santa Monica beaches, according to Variety. The powers-that-be who oversee the advertising for both of these areas reportedly think they have enough trouble getting people to make it to a restroom without Sandler encouraging them to let it fly in public. Columbia is sending more hygienic replacements.

CASTING Fresh off of ”Never Been Kissed,” Drew Barrymore may team with director Penny Marshall for ”Riding in Cars With Boys,” the story of a mother’s relationship with her son, who is only 15 years her junior.

TRASH TV, J’ACCUSE! Some of the crashes, smashes, and other disasters aired on Fox’s reality TV specials have been staged, according to a report on Monday’s ”Inside Edition.” The investigative program showcased several segments from such shows as ”World’s Wildest Police Chases” and ”When Animals Attack” that proved to be reenactments that were presented as if they were caught live. Fox released a statement saying that its policy is always to identify footage that is a re-creation or from a training video, but a network spokesperson couldn’t say whether the producers of these specials had followed these rules.

AND THE WINNER IS? ”The View” hosts have decided on the permanent replacement for the show’s fifth chair, and it’s Lisa Ling. Ling won out over all of the other alternating guest hosts that had been trying out since Debbie Matenopolous left in January. Ling, 26, was a correspondent for Channel One News, the satellite-news service for schools, and worked on-air on ABC’s ”World News Tonight”’s weekend edition.

SPIN CONTROL Sean ”Puffy” Combs was not at the Essence Awards Friday night to sing an announced duet with Faith Evans, and the New York gossip columnists exhausted themselves wondering if Essence magazine gave him the hook because of his assault charges for allegedly beating a record executive. But Combs told MTV News that it was his choice to back out because he ”didn’t want to detract from such a positive event celebrating black achievement” and he knew he’d be barraged with questions about the incident.

HITCHED Greg Kinnear married his girlfriend of six years, model Helen Labdon, in Sussex, England, last Saturday. It’s the first marriage for both Kinnear, 35, and Labdon, 29.

SHUTTING DOWN Oliver Stone is going back to a one-track life, shutting down his four-year-old production company, Illusion Entertainment, and sticking to directing. The controversial auteur said life was ”too hectic” running the company and also complained that he felt the films he produced — such as ”The People vs. Larry Flynt” and ”The Corruptor” — were often judged more harshly because his name was on them. ”I can recall reading negative criticism (on ‘Flynt’) that went out of its way to single me out,” he told Variety. ”After a while, you start getting the message.”

MUSICAL MILESTONE It’s a fine retirement present for Billy Joel, who says he’s swearing off pop music: His double disc, ”Greatest Hits, Volume I and II,” has passed the 20 million mark in units sold, making it the fourth-highest-selling album ever. The Eagles’ ”Greatest Hits 1971-1975,” Pink Floyd’s ”The Wall,” and Michael Jackson’s ”Thriller” are the only other records to break the 20 million barrier.

HOME ROCKING If you don’t feel like wallowing in the mud, you’ll be able to catch Woodstock ’99 at home on pay-per-view. All of the July 23-25 concert will be available, and when there’s down time between the music acts, the cameras will focus on the undoubtedly illicit pastimes of the attendees. Getting the whole weekend will cost $59.95, while a one-day order will run you $29.95.

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