Online quotes from Scott Wolf, Cindy Crawford, Tom Brokaw, Julia Stiles and Jordan Knight

By EW Staff
Updated April 30, 1999 at 04:00 AM EDT

”Most of the time when the cameras start rolling we’re crying, so we laugh any chance we get.”
Scott Wolf describing downtime with the cast of weepy Party of Five, on E! Online

”It is fun to step back and watch the science project. Especially now [that] I look pregnant and not like I just had a pizza.”
Expectant Cindy Crawford embracing her body changes, on AOL Live

”It was almost a lark; it was a good way to meet girls after basketball practice, and I had no idea I would end up making a career out of it.”
Tom Brokaw recalling his casual start in broadcasting, on

”It isn’t a gruesome-for-gruesome’s-sake horror movie where the girl’s biggest goal is to be prom queen or to run around in a towel…”
Julia Stiles, explaining how 10 Things I Hate About You is different from those other teen movies, on Entertainment Weekly Online

”I’m probably a little less cheesy.”
Jordan Knight on how he’s changed since his days as a New Kid on the Block, on Entertainment Tonight Online