Plus, Pamela Anderson Lee welcomes back Tommy, and Marilyn Manson sparks a riot by storming off stage during his final concert

By Josh Wolk
Updated April 29, 1999 at 04:00 AM EDT

TEEN BEAT ‘N Sync is trying to pack as much work into their 15 minutes of fame as possible: The Orlando-based group will head to the studio as soon as their tour ends in May to record a second album (which will likely be released in October). Then the boys will start rehearsing for their Boys of Summer Tour, kicking off in July with Five and Jordan Knight. The teen phenoms are also developing a movie for themselves that they want to start shooting in October, Lance told MTV News. They don’t have a plot yet, he says, but they won’t be playing themselves like the Spice Girls did.

LOVE CONQUERS ALL Pamela Anderson Lee is reconciling with ex-husband Tommy Lee, the recently reduced actress told ”Access Hollywood.” ”There is no other (man),” she said, ”or any other place I want to be, so we have to make this work.” For the record, she filed for divorce in February 1998 after he was charged with spousal attack when she claimed he hit her while she was holding their 7-week-old son. She now says they’re thinking about getting remarried.

RIOT Marilyn Manson sparked a near-riot in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Wednesday night when he stormed off stage midway through a concert after noticing that someone pasted a very un-Satanic two-foot smiley-face poster to one of his props. (A rep for the concert hall reportedly said that one of the singer’s crew likely put up the offending decoration.) Many concertgoers, angry at Manson’s early exit, stormed outside and surrounded the singer’s tour bus, although it wasn’t clear whether he was actually in the vehicle. A scuffle occurred when police tried to disperse the crowd, and 23 arrests were made for charges including interfering with police and disorderly conduct. This was the last concert of Manson’s tour. He announced earlier this week that he was canceling next week’s final five dates because of the controversy linking him with the Columbine shootings.

RADIO FALLOUT The Colorado Senate passed a resolution yesterday condemning Howard Stern for comments he made about the Littleton shooting, and called on Denver station KXPK to cancel his syndicated show. The station won’t pull the program, but a spokesman did release a statement conceding that Stern’s remarks ”were inappropriate and insensitive to the community.” The day after the Columbine disaster, Stern had wondered aloud if the two killers had tried to have sex with the attractive girls as they ran from the school. Stern says the comments were taken out of context in the midst of hours where he discussed how upset he was by the event. Meanwhile, two deejays in Kansas City, Mo., and Charlotte, N.C., were fired after making jokes about Columbine.

TOUR NEWS The Lollapalooza tour won’t be lollin’ for the second year in a row. Organizers have canceled the show after they reportedly weren’t able to line up enough big-name bands. A statement by the William Morris Agency, which books the tour, said that the agency is trying to assemble the ”ultimate lineup” for next summer’s millennium concert…. But this year’s Woodstock festival is having no such troubles. Tickets went on sale this week and set a record for the most first-day single-event tickets purchased, pulling in more than $7 million in one day. Woodstock ’99 is being held in Griffiss Park in Rome, N.Y., from July 23-25.

STUDIO IN THE MAKING Robert De Niro has gone from being the prototypical New York actor to the prototypical New York movie mogul: He has announced he’s teaming with Miramax Films to build a $150 million studio complex in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Although city officials have, after almost a year of debate, finally given their okay to the project, the ground is a long way from being broken. De Niro’s group is still looking for $80 million more in financing for the site, which would house 12 soundstages.

CASTING Kelsey Grammer, who has had plenty of experience with tabloid journalism in his career, will play the host of a ”Hard Copy”-esque show in ”15 Minutes,” a dark comedy/thriller about a fire department investigator (Ed Burns) and a detective (Robert De Niro) who team up for a case…. Ashton Kutcher (”That ’70s Show”) is joining James Van Der Beek and Dylan McDermott in ”Rangers,” about a group of freelance peacekeepers who try to bring justice to the post-Civil War West…. Famke Janssen (”Goldeneye”) is pairing with John Hannah (”Sliding Doors”) as a con-artist couple in ”Circus”…. Wesley Snipes may star in HBO’s TV-movie adaptation of Terry McMillan’s novel ”Disappearing Acts,” playing a construction worker on the brink of divorce who falls in love with a musician.

REEL DEAL Roland Joffe, director of ”The Killing Fields” and ”The Mission,” seems to be getting in a younger state of mind the older he gets. First he sexed up ”The Scarlet Letter” with Demi Moore, and now he’s producing a new series for MTV called ”Undressed.” The half-hour scripted series revolves around three couples, tracing their relationships through the conversations they have while getting into bed…. Civil rights figurehead Rosa Parks, 86, is cooperating with a production company to develop a TV movie about her life story. Parks has been embracing the tube recently: She has a cameo in this Sunday’s ”Touched by an Angel” on CBS.

LAWSUIT There’s trouble brewing in Branson: Tony Orlando is suing Wayne Newton for more than $15 million, claiming that Newton damaged his reputation by kicking him out of the Missouri theater the two opened together last year. Orlando was booted out of the business after Newton and his wife, who owned the lease to the theater, claimed he owed them $2 million, and Orlando denied the debt. Mr. ”Tie a Yellow Ribbon” claims that he lost $125,000 from the 11 shows he had to cancel because of the imbroglio, and millions more from money he would have earned from the theater. ”Are you sure it’s not the other way around?” Newton’s lawyer told the Associated Press. ”This guy walked out of town owing the Newtons $800,000.”

OBITUARY Rory Calhoun, star of movie Westerns in the 1940s and ’50s, died Wednesday at 76 from emphysema and diabetes. The celluloid cowboy also starred in the CBS series ”The Texan” from 1958 to 1960, as well as the network’s soap ”Capitol” from 1982 to 1987.